Wednesday, November 1, 2017

East Bali Spearfishing trip with Pierro

Peirro have dive few place around the world, he have shot many big Pelagic and had good experience hunting tropic and back home in his country Italy.

Pierro Spearfishing trip in East Bali from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Good Day Spearfishing with Doosung Kim and his Girlfriend

It always a pleasure to host a spearo from our neighboring asian country. It was clear that day we want to hunt fish for sashimi. We start the day hunting pelagic fish. We manage to spot a Spanish mackerel but they weren't interested on our present in their feeding spot. after several attempt o the open water, we decide to hunt in the reef.

We went to our favorite spot to hunt Midnight snapper, Longnose emperor, green job fish and Maori seaperch. I was stalking midnight snapper until I manage to get them in shooting range . All the sudden 25-30 kg size dogtooth tuna swim to school of midnight snapper and spook them . After the doggy spook the snapper he ditch me and leave with nothing to shoot.

Then we try several attempt at the different reef and finally we shot Coronation trout and Redbass for lunch.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Honeymoon spearfishing trip with Lisa Wong and James Haddon

We start the day by learning the basic to dive and use the Spearguns. After Lisa and James got comfortable diving and handling the spearguns, we show how to hunt fish. We spotted a rock with 2 giant Midnight snapper playing hide and seek.  After 3 dive try to work the behavior of the midnight snapper I manage to show how it done. Then After that Lisa and James start trying to hunt from the shallow and gradually going to the deeper part of the reef. We shot few reef fish until we are all tired and call it day.

Then we ent to our favorite restaurant to eat the fresh catch. The talented chef prepare the midnight snapper in 3 different recipe. First one is peeps the fish was mince, wrap on banana leaf with Balinese spices and steam. Second recipe is sate lilit and last recipe is fish head soup with all the bone. Balinesse never waste anything from the fish, even they deep fried the intestine and make cracker of the fish skin.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

East Bali spearfishing trip with Hawaii spearo Josh Han

Weather and ocean condition was perfect. Open water the current was mild and we manage to kill one Spanish mackerel. Then after several attempt in the blue water we head to reef to get some reef fish. After slow drift we found spot with 5-6 Green job fish. we try to get few and we manage to kill 2 for lunch.

after we have enough fish we had back to land to have some fresh grill Green Jobfish with John Auntie secret sauce for the fish,  Balinesse Vegies and of course spicy samba sauce.

Fresh Catch Spanish Mackerel and Green Jobfish

Cleaning station

Lunch time

Josh Hann hunting Green Jobfish

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bali Spearfishing Adventures: Epic Spearfishing trip with amazing Spearo from around the world.

spanish macakerel
midnight snapper dogtooth tuna, pinjalo snapper

Dogtooth tuna, golden trevally, one spot seaperch

The Compilation video of Bali Spearfishing, underwater world adventure, Freediving, cooking, Sashimi, eating Seafood and spearing: Spanish Mackerel, Dogtooth Tuna, Black Marlin, Turtle, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Maori Seaperch, Green Jobfish, Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Midnight Snapper and Bigeye Seabream.

Special Thanks:

Andre Wicaksana, Warren Bird, Edi Van Halen, Nengah Made, John Legend, Ibus Amed Beach Club, Nyoman Sarma,  Putu, Ila Waincymer

Florent Dirheimer, Derek Pittman, Julia Pittman, Alyssa Haeberle Turner, Ben Percival, Josh Davies, Micahel Cantwell, Thierry Moumdjian, Navine Nassar, Lisang Wong, James Haddon, Josh   Han, Westy Doeland, Doosung Kim, Toby Hunt, Johan Hunt, Chris Lancaster,

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Monday, July 10, 2017

3 Day Spearfishing adventure with Anthony Hierro

myself and Anthony been discussing the trip few month ago and we both agree 3 day trip is best way to experience most of what Bali Underwater world have to offer.

Day 1 we went to North Bali to Hunt at the drop off reef. We manage to see few 5 star reef fish but it was a challenge to shoot them. One of my dive a school of 5-15 kg Giant trevally, I waited to see if there a nice trophy fish in the schoo but didnt see any. We drift with the current and saw big Midnight snapper, Redbass, Mori Seaperch and Bigeye Seabream but the current was not in our favor we couldn't hide on any spot to get them closer. 
The next spot we shot a good size Dogtooth Tuna , midnight snapper and Bluefin Trevally. It was good enough for the first day to have a good dinner. At night we have Dogtooth Caviche and midnight snapper pepes and sate.

The next day we went to Different spot and shot mangrove jack, Anthony miss a good size Spanish mackerel, we also got bluefin trevally and Giant Trevally. We also got Bigeye Sebream toward the end of the dive. We had another feast for Dinner at Anthony hotel, the owner prepare us amazing dinner.

Last day was epic. Never saw so many Spanish mackerel in one day. Firt spot we saw some GT and Spnaish mackerel but they kept their distance. The next spot John Shot Spanish mackerel, it was quiet murky and hard to spot them but john got lucky one spanish went straight toward him from underneath. The next spot we hunt at the reef and Anthony shot a good size flowery cod.  The next spot it was a war zone. I spotted a school of Spanish mackerel all around 10-15 kg size. Took a shot a miss. Not long after john got one and wahoo following after. Then Anthony finally got his first spanish mackerel after losing his first one the day before.

Mangrove jack

Anthony with his Flower Cod

Wahoo, Spanish mackerel, Bigeye Trevally and flowery Cod

The boys happy face

3 day trip in North Bali and East Bali from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Patrick and Gary James Day trip east Bali

It almost good to see father and son going spearfishing together.  Gary and Patrick was on their holiday in Bali coming from the USA. The day started with a big suprise. We were all wondering why all the bait fish, unicorn fish and the fish around the spot was behaving differently. We all suspect that there is very big Pelagic roaming around but not sure what species. I was around 30-40 meter deep trying to see wheter there any pelagic swiming. That was wise move, i dive and stay around 5-10 meter deep when a black marlin was coming from behind and swim right next to me. I have to fin so hard to catch up with it. Made my shot hoping it will shot him behind the gill but it was a big mistake. It took a lot line but it was bad shot. the shaft didn't penatrate deep enough. I was really sad and worry if the fish will survive the shot. But 2 weeks after we saw the same Marlin and it was strong like a bull keeping its distances this time.

Black Marlin

Giant Trevally

Patrick and Gary James

Spanish Mackerel

Then we move spot and we got a good size Giant trevally and the spot after that a Spanish Mackerel. When we came back we divide the GT with the local and took the spanish Mackerel for Diner.
Day trip Spearfishing with Pat and Gary in East Bali from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Day trip Spearfishing adventure with David Coy and Javier Nino

A good formula for perfect spearfishing adventure is to have solid crew and dive buddy. The day start with a bad news that one of the boy is really sick with fever and we have to send him to the hospital early in the morning. We went ahead with the trip just with David Coy and Javier Nino.

The car ride we had some good conversation about each our experience about life and spearfishing. when we arrive to the spot we were all pump up ready for some underwater shooting. Today is Javier First day, he never done any type of diving. When we all suit up Javier came out only with wetsuit top without the pant on. It was a good way to start have some laugh, relax your mind.

everything pay off Javier shot his first fish a good size unicorn fish, David shot Big trigger fish and John shot a big GT and spanish mackerel. I shoot some reef fish for my sister birthday BBQ

We drive back and we all enjoy our catch on the BBQ with some beer and local alchol called Arak.

Giant Trevally and Spanish Mackerel

Day Trip in East Bali with David Coy and Javier Nino from Indospearfishing on Vimeo.

Monday, July 3, 2017

South Bali Spearfishing Trip With Alex Drieihann-Holenia

South Bali is not only famous for all the amazing surf spot but it also the location for amazing underwater ecosystem. The terrain is perfect spot for Reef species, full of underwater canyon, cave, chanel and amazing rocks.

We can only access the southern part of Bali when the swell is small or else get ready to get scatches and bruise from the swell surge. All the fish are concentrate just behind the swell break. There is some spot that are quiet deep around 15-20 meter to hunt the famous green Jobfish.

First Spot we found school baitball on the surface and we suspect there is something hunting around it. Our instinct was correct. The first dive Alex shot a queenfish. Then i made the second dive. I was not to prepare to expect Giant , i am talking about massibe Bigeye seabream coming straight for me. As soon i move the Speargun the swim away. Not long after i when up for a breath and Spanish mackerel swim right underneath me, i quickly dive down and got a good shot.

After secure the spanish we couldn't find the bait fish anymore so we move to the next spot. The next spot we were played by the moari seaperch and few other reef fish. We couldn't get a good shot because most of the fish have rock behind it.

Third spot a good size spanish mackerel swim right next to me and i got a good shot. The last spot was the best one. While i was chumming using the guts and inside of all the fish we shot. Alex was in the water waiting for the famous green jobfish but instead 2 spanish mackerel swim for the chum. Alex couldn't get close enough to get a good shot.

Getting ready to chum with spanish Mackerel Inside

Spanish Mackerel

Second Spanish Mackerel
The best captain in Southern part of Bali, always a big smile when we catch something

Alex and his catch

Overall it was amazing trip with good condition to hunt in south. We cam home happy with fresh tasty fish for dinner.